On the fall of the Wall

College Republicans are excited to bring Paul Kengor, author of many best–selling books and political science professor at Grove City College, to campus next week. He will be presenting his point of view on the fall of the Berlin Wall on Tuesday, March 16 at 7 p.m. in Quigley Auditorium. The talk, titled “Reagan, The Evil Empire and the Fall of the Wall,” will include his perspective on communism, the Soviet Union and, of course, the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Kengor believes that Reagan, not Gorbachev, was the reason for the fall of the Wall.  This point of view is uncommon.

Kim Versaw, ’10, president of College Republicans, is excited to have Kengor here to present his case.

“This is a perspective that hasn’t been to campus very much and it will be nice to hear something different,” Versaw said.

Kengor is very invested in his  views and shares them in many different ways.  In addition to teaching college classes, he has also appeared on MSNBC, Fox News, C–SPAN and The Sean Hannity Show, to name a few, and his books have been on multiple best–seller lists.

These accomplishments have taken Kengor to many different places.

“He has been all across the country, and having him right in our backyard sparked my attention,” Versaw said on the decision to bring Kengor to Allegheny.

Many students are intrigued by the issues that will be discussed in the lecture.

“It should be interesting to see how the United States, and more precisely President Reagan, was involved in such a crucial event in modern history,” said Rachel Willis, ’12.

Versaw agrees and says that students who attend will be exposed to a new perspective on the fall of the Wall and on Reagan.

“I think it will spark a lot of good, well–rounded discussion,” Versaw said.

The timing of this event is very appropriate given recent events on campus. Last weekend, Allegheny students performed the play “Angels in America,”  which is set during the time of Reagan’s presidency.  The play may have triggered some emotions that inspired students to learn more about the time period, as it did for student Ryan Cole, ’10.

“It seems like an interesting talk and after watching the play [Angels in America] this past weekend my interest was peaked pertaining to Reagan’s presidency,” Cole said.

Many students are looking forward to this event, so gather up your friends and come join the College Republicans as they host Paul Kengor and learn a new way to view the fall of the wall.

The talk is open to all students as well as the public. Refreshments will be provided after the presentation during an open discussion session.

All in all, the evening will provide the opportunity to hear about a viewpoint not frequently heard on Allegheny’s campus.