Editorial: Giving back takes time

Yesterday’s “Tuition Free Day” marked the approximate date when student money stops covering the cost of tuition and alumni donations take over.

Handing out T–shirts and food is always welcomed, but the idea of donating––before we’ve even become alumni––is upsetting.

Most of us are truly not in a position to donate money; our student loans are already looming on the horizon (and “horizon” generally means grad school and/or unemployment).

Perhaps allowing us a few years before asking for donations would be less appalling. Give us some time to get on our feet and assess our Allegheny education before asking us for additional funds.

Even our parents have started getting letters from the college asking if they’d like to donate.


We understand the importance of donations and what a difficult job the Senior Class Gift Committee has. We respect them for taking on that challenge. This certainly isn’t the first time they’ve received complaints, we’re sure.

Starting early is a tactic that is used by universities nation–wide, and the money given by alumni provides us with scholarships, updated buildings and technology, library books, and special projects.

All we’re saying is that asking this early in our respective career paths seems almost offensive.

We want to emphasize that we are extremely grateful to alumni who choose to donate to their alma mater. The outstanding equipment in the Vukovich Center is a testament to how much alumni endowments can do to directly improve Allegheny students’ educational experiences.

We truly appreciate alumni who take the time to visit this campus as speakers, performers, audience members, and those who provide business connections and advice.

Hearing from alumni on The Campus’s website is always a pleasure, and we value their thoughts and opinions.

Alumni donations are vital to Allegheny College. We appreciate everything that has been given to us.

But could we have some time to establish ourselves as financially–stable alumni before we’re asked to give back financially?