ASG director of sustainability appoints an under secretary

Joseph Tingley, News Editor

Allegheny Student Government held its second meeting of the 2015-2016 academic year on Tuesday, Sept. 8.

Nine class senators were sworn in at the meeting and Levi Lundell, ’17, appointed a secretary under his position, which is ASG director of sustainability.

The position of director of sustainability is a new position within ASG this year. Lundell said that he hopes to further the green initiatives of the Allegheny campus while also being mindful of practicality.

“We are trying to find three or four projects so that it is more realistic,” Lundell said.

At the meeting, Lundell announced that the position of secretary director of sustainability would be filled by Walter Stover, ’17. He said he hopes Stover, an economics major, can bring a new perspective to the issue of sustainability.

“That’s one of the biggest issues we have, is understanding how the money works,” Lundell said.

During this academic year, Lundell said he hopes to be able to implement more sustainable programs within the Greek life community on campus. He said that Greek life already does philanthropy projects and it is just a matter of including more sustainability projects among them.

“There’s a lot of great things  but it’s inspiring them to come up with new ideas,” he said.   

ASG President Haley Riley, ’16, also invited new ideas for outreach to the Meadville community. She said this is an area where ASG has usually done well.

“In the past we have done great events to bring the community to campus,” she said.

ASG Treasurer Hayden Moyer, ’17, also delivered his annual report at the meeting.

“The Allegheny Men’s Rugby team came to us and asked for $1,300 to buy jerseys for the next four years and they were approved,” Moyer said.

Moyer said that the $1,300 was taken from the ASG reserve fund.

ASG meets every Tuesday in the campus center at 7 p.m.