Crystal Ferry – Cathy’s Beauty Salon

A mother’s legacy, a daughter’s loyalty: Daughter’s style takes Cathy’s Beauty Salon to new places

Emerald Wright-Colle

March 11, 2015

A pop-filled Pandora playlist played in the background behind the chatter at Cathy’s Beauty Salon located on State Street. Heard beneath the music, a blow dryer symphony was being delicately conducted by two hairdressers working on their clients side by side. Crystal Ferry, the manager of the salon, was in the process of styling 15-year-old Morgan Eakin’s hair with bright pink highlights.

“I’ve wanted pink in my hair since school started,” said Eakin.

“I know, your mom told me you wanted pink and I told her it would look great,” said Ferry.

“I think that’s the only reason she let me do it,” replied Eakin.