News show hits campus

Students from three different media organizations on campus are working together to produce a weekly news broadcast called “This Allegheny Life” that will air Saturdays and Sundays at 1 and 6 p.m. on channel 24.

The project, which includes students from ACTV, The Campus, and WARC, began in October 2009,  when the presidents of the three main media outlets on campus met to discuss joining forces to create a newscast.

Although two episodes were released during the fall semester, the project is still in its beginning stages.

“ACTV has had the idea to do a news show for a long time. We just haven’t had the talent and the resources,” said Kate LoPresto, ‘10, president of ACTV.

The first two episodes were hosted by two anchors and a sports reporter, along with several field reporters. The episodes also included a five-minute interview with a student group.

“Our goal is to start producing a reliable, entertaining newscast that will come out on a weekly basis and will hopefully be something that can continue past this year,” said Kristin Baldwin, ‘10, editor-in-chief of The Campus.

The group members are quick to admit that they are still in the early stages and have a lot of work to do before their goals become a reality. In the meantime, they are learning from their mistakes and are open to additional student involvement as well as criticism.

“We’re learning as we go but it’s exciting and we’re on our way to creating something professional,” said Rebecca Schneider, ‘10, president of WARC.

Anyone who is interested in getting involved with “This Allegheny Life” as a field reporter, writer, anchor or videographer is welcome to attend the group’s weekly general meeting at 9:30 p.m. every Monday in the Vukovich Center lobby.