Golf team uses fall to prepare for spring

Mimi Lam, Staff Writer

The men and women’s golf team began their fall season with a favorable start. At the Guy Kuhn Invitational, the men placed fourth of 12 teams, while women’s golf at John Carroll Invitational received second of 12.
While the spring feels eons away, the golf team utilizes the fall season and off season gap as a push toward the spring season. Coach Jeff Groff believes the fall lays the foundation for what is to come.
“Although there’s a big gap between the fall and spring, we’re just trying to use that through the off-season,” said Groff, “through the winter month, working indoors. We’re also where both teams were trying to hone in the short game aspect of things, doing a lot of putting drills.”
The new year brought forth many fresh faces to the team, calling forth team bonding exercises, such as encouraging attitudes and cheering up teammates. Co-captain Lauren Wind, ’15, is excited for the season with a young team.
“We’re really dedicated to this season,” said Wind. “As long as we can continue to get everyone’s scoring averages to low 80’s, then we have a really good chance at winning conferences in the spring.”
Despite golf being oriented as an individualistic sport, team work is crucial for the overall scoring and a person’s mentality toward the game.
“You spend a lot of time with each other out here,” said Groff. “On the road, when we’re traveling, it’s important to get along, help each other out, support each other, go through good times as well as bad times.”
Because the players spend an abundance of time in the course during games, it leaves the team a lot of room to think about each shot. Players must be mentally ready and be completely focused, despite having time between each round.
“It’s more important to be sharp mentally and not make bad decisions than [to] throw shots away,” said Jimmy Lasher, ’16. “It’s all about staying calm and focused in the present moment.”
In addition to connecting new players with returning players, improvements can always be made no matter how successful the team.
“There’s always something to work on,” said Groff. “So the players come out here one day maybe working on their drives, their long irons for short game. It’s going to be crucial for us as well as the mental aspect of the game in terms of how we play each course.”
Speaking as a co-captain, Wind gives advice to the new players that are large in number in terms of freshmen.
“As you continue to put a lot of time and effort in golf, it’s going to give back,” said Wind. “Just continue to practice and never give up.”
Lasher identified what changes needed to be inputted in order for both teams to thrive toward success.
“I think developing more consistency is what we really need,” said Lasher. “Last year, we had tournaments where everybody played well and then there’s tournaments where everybody played bad.”
The team’s successful start may or may not be a reflection of the rest of the year, but it does not mean the players are not working hard to fulfill those wishes.