Women’s Soccer on winning streak


AMASA SMITH/THE CAMPUS Faith Robinson, ’15, attempts a goal against Mount Union players Katie Baker (26) and goalie Maria Favorite (42) on Saturday, Sept. 13. Robinson had three shots on the goal and made one. Allegheny won the game 4-1 for their fifth straight win this season. The women’s soccer team will play Oneonta at home tomorrow Sept. 20 at 4 p.m.


The Allegheny Women’s Soccer team started off the season strong and currently holds a record of 5-2-0 as they move further into their season. Last year, the team won conference playoffs and would like to make it to playoffs again.

Coach Michael Webber, the women’s soccer coach of ten years, said this season will continue to increase in difficulty but the team has a good chance of going the distance if they maintain their mindset and keep improving.

“We’d like to finish in the top 4 in our conference although our focus is on one game at a time…We’re headed in the right direction,” Coach Webber said of his team.

Jessie Thiessen, ’17, said the team has put in a lot of hard work so far and that their goals are more than attainable if they keep improving.

Thiessen mentioned what sets the team apart of other women’s teams in the conference is their closeness and sense of family.

“Our team is a lot more physically in shape than the other teams I think.  We also are very united as a team,” Thiessen said. “We know that we can’t win games without everyone, from the field to the bench, being physically and mentally ready.  We work together very well and are always positive and encouraging to one another.  Every single person on our team has an impact on the game.  Everyone has to have their heads in the game and excited to play.”

The relationship of the team on the field seemed just as important as the team’s relationship off the field to Sam Brooks, ’18.  Brooks said her experience so far at Allegheny would not be the same if she had not met the girls that she did through the soccer team.

“We are all pretty close outside of soccer too and I think that shows on the field,” Brooks said.

Coach Webber agreed that team chemistry is important to how the game is played.  He said the women he has coached have a great sense of family and making the team feel like one.

“The upperclassmen pass down expectations and they set good examples and have huge ownership of the team,” Webber said. “They bring in the freshmen and show them the high expectations we have; not only the expectations of the coaches but of the players, which I think is really important. It’s the team leading the way.”

The support from other team members that most players attribute to their success comes from their team mottos.

According to Webber before each season it is the seniors’ job to come up with a saying the team uses while playing to keep one another motivated.  They call the saying a mistake ritual, which they can tell another player after a mistake mid game or practice.

“On the field we have a mistake ritual that we say to each other when we make a mistake or feel like we are playing bad.  The saying is “Chin up.”  It is to help keep us positive and not get down on ourselves,” Thiessen said.

The team also has a motto every year.  This year’s motto is “Make it count.”

According to Brooks the motto is to remind the team that everything they do should be to the best of their ability.

The obstacles this season will begin to come up more the further the season continues Coach Webber said.  He believes the hardest part of the season is always when players begin to take on heavier workloads in their classes and start to get sick of the same old thing.

“We just need to find a mid season balance and try to keep it fun with practice and games and school,” Webber said.

While their season is just beginning the women’s soccer team has high hopes for their future.

The next women’s soccer home game will take place on Sept. 20 at 1 p.m.