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Editor: history shapes a nation’s identity

February 21

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By REEM ABOU ELENAIN Copy Editor   When I was accepted into the Fulbright program, I had the opportunity to meet people from more than fifty countries around the world, who were also...

Fulbright Scholar recommends Egyptian literature

January 30

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By REEM ABOU ELENAIN Whenever I say that I come from Alexandria, Egypt as a Arabic Fulbright teaching assistant, people here in the US, almost always say that I am so far away from home. Another remark that I hear often is...

What’s wrong with Obama’s “right now” rhetoric?

February 11

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It’s always tough to implement an overarching idea immediately in our culture, especially in our national government. Many times we see politicians taking the stage promising the American public a monumental change immediately. It’s...

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